Geneviève Sideleau

Genevieve Sideleau lives and works in Montreal where she earned her Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University.  She has exhibited in Montreal, Ottawa, Northwest Territories, Boston, South Korea, and Serbia with an multidisciplinary practice involving painting, drawing, printmaking, installation and object-based work.  Her practice communicates a vision of the human condition and focuses on society’s overlooked and discarded.  

She has an interest in current affairs, human rights issues as well as a concern for the suffering of our needy; homeless, abused, neglected, aging, and mentally ill.  In her installation work, she frequently uses found or donated objects in a repetitive and labour-intensive approach that investigates body/object relationships. Her recent paintings and drawings have been influenced by stories and current international news of people in distress and dealing with war, displacement, memory and the question of home. These new works are based on the dislocation/relocation of hundreds of thousands of refugees and their journey of hardship and hope. The resulting work evokes vulnerability, fragility and longing as well as exhibits a notion of our temporal, embodied existence.

Sideleau teaches painting, drawing and mixed-media at the Griffintown Art Centre in Montreal and for McGill University's Mini Courses programme.  She also volunteers and gives creative classes with the West Island Citizen Advocacy (WICA), a non-profit organization that connects volunteers and the intellectually or physically challenged, seniors, and those with mental health problems.